Moodle Cloud Hosting and the Features of Version 2.6

Moodle is an ideal piece of software that is widely used amongst large organizations and educational institutes. Software like Moodle hosting that is fully managed, reliable and scalable. This makes cloud hosting a perfect solution and will make your Moodle website super charged.

The release of version 2.6 brings in the 2nd generation of this software. Released in May 2013, this version will receive support until November 2014.The new version brings in many good features which makes working on it even easier.

Cooler Tiny MCE text editor

Tiny MCE text has a new icon. It allows you to toggle between multiple lines making it easier to edit documents. The new icon can be seen in the first line of toolbar.


New single SCORM course format

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) provides a set of standards for e-learning. The new version allows you to use SCORM course format as one quiz or one assignment. SCROM is applied for “Single Activity Format”. It is new to standard format of Moodle and it is available for course format.

Marking workflow and allocated markers

Assignment modules are specifically available markers for individual student it will exactly show the markers where to marking in program that is review by colleagues. It is very useful for the student having a moderator system as colleagues can check tests.


Scribble over students’ work!

The very popular edit pdf assignment plugin has been added to standard Moodle. This means that when students upload a pdf as an assignment submission, you will be able to comment on it inline – including adding custom stamps and frequently used comments.