Why are companies opting for Managed Services for Moodle Hosting?

Moodle or Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is the open source LMS (Learning Management System) that is helping schools and universities from 2002. Built by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle has turned out to be a gift for educators, allowing them to manage courses, tutorials and podcasts. Yet as most institutes lack technical expertise, managing Moodle hosting is taking from them a crucial time from them.

With Managed Moodle hosting they are now able to focus more delivering quality content instead of monitoring and troubleshooting their Moodle software. Apart from that, managed Moodle hosting makes them worriless about the security and performance issues of their platforms. The managed service providers (MSPs) look after the whole of server security and access authentication while making sure to give it 100% network uptime.

Upgrading Moodle, installing its themes and plug-in and integrating the Moodle with major CMS like WordPress are issues that many institutes and companies are facing. Moodle in this regards has a wiki where issues like authentications, security and performance are issued but due to the complexities of these issue, they can quickly turn into a nightmare. Managed Moodle hosting has been a breeze for such institutes and saves them from all the hassle of making their servers intact.

On the other hand, Moodle Cloud hosting allows educators to get benefit of utility model and scalability of cloud. Managed Moodle Cloud not just saves their cost of going for a dedicated server but also makes sure traffic hikes do not take the website down. Thus managed Moodle cloud hosting gives double benefit; making their servers fully optimized while they pay only for what they use.

Another reason that has made many companies opt managed Moodle hosting is support from experts. Most of the managed Moodle hosting providers have experienced teams that can help you right from the beginning. This starts from planning and creating a custom Moodle solution for you. Then these Moodle hosting providers assist you in migrating to your Moodle based environment. Next they manage backup schedules, install CDN and make your database tuned for optimum performance. All this if done by own or through an in-house engineers would have highly expensive when compared to managed Moodle hosting providers.


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