What are the Uses for the Cloud Migration in Cloud Industry

The advantages of cloud are no more a mystery. The utility based model which was once a dream is now attracting both SMBs and large enterprises towards it. But things aren’t that easy on the cloud and while most businesses are eager to move on the cloud, very few of them have a strategy for cloud migration.

Cloud Migration uses:

Cloud migration is not just required when you first time move your data on the cloud but it might be an issue when you change your cloud vendor or your cloud manager. Though slowly and gradually this batch transportation of data between mediums is becoming easier, currently cloud migration is the first building block towards your journey in cloud and plays a major role in cloud industry.

Migration of data also occurs when you face an outage and your backup data needs to be put on live on another cloud. Similarly, even the slightest update of your application or patch of your software uses the same pathway as that of migration of entire data.

Key factors in Cloud Migration:

While migrating your data from conventional servers to cloud or cross cloud, it is essential that you face no data loss. That is the reason Cloud Hosting can be both complex and expensive. Before you migrate your data to the cloud it is necessary that all your data is backed up so in case any breach occurs you have web application. Apart from data loss, cloud migration can also result in serious security risks as during migration your data is more vulnerable to threats.

Managing your cloud migration:

Due to such immense importance of cloud migration, there are companies now help you out with the whole process. This means that cloud migration is itself become a service inside cloud computing. These managing companies charge fees whenever you take migration services from them and in return they ensure that the entire procedure is hassle free and controlled by them.

Cloud Migration with Cloudways:

Through Cloudways Click&Go hosting data migration is made completely easy. Our self managed users get tutorials and guidelines of how they can easily migrate their data from their server to the cloud. While for our managed customers our cloud engineers do the entire job making sure they are live on cloud within minutes.


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