How do you build an effective Multi Cloud Strategy?

Multi cloud is using more than one cloud hosting services concurrently. A good multi cloud strategy cannot just save you from cloud failure but also ensures that it uses the cloud effectively. But before we move further, let’s discuss why a multi cloud strategy is essential and what targets it must achieve.

What targets your multi cloud must achieve:

A good multi cloud strategy will provide you with following advantages:

1      You can easily migrate your data

2      It allows collaboration between the clouds

3      Saves you from data loss

4      Provides redundancy

5      Faster website load time

6      Saves you from vendor lock-in

Now lets examine how an effective multi cloud strategy can be created:

Distribute your data:

Using only one cloud service is like putting all your eggs in one basket. So when deploying your Oscommerce Hosting strategy you must make sure that your data is well distributed between different cloud servers. For example you can put your blog on one cloud and services on another one.

Use a mixture of cloud:

When creating your multi cloud strategy you can use the options of public, private and hybrid clouds. Many websites provide resources available to general users through the public cloud while sensitive consumer information is stored in private or hybrid one.

Chose easily migrate clouds:

As your entire focus of multi cloud strategy is to minimize the risk of downtime or data loss, you must make sure that during an outage you can easily shift your backup to ensure our site stays alive. Since the coming of Open Stack most cloud vendors use a similar form of platform.

Data center at different locations:

While you make sure that you are using different companies in you multi cloud strategy you must also make sure that the data centers are at different locations. This will be highly important in case of any natural catastrophe.

Design your effective multi cloud strategy with Cloudways. Our managed plans make sure that you get 100% guaranteed uptime while your data is automatically restored on another cloud. With 16+ cloud provider, developing effective multi cloud strategy is just a few clicks away.


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